Yuli Corzo

Life Coach

Yuli, affectionately known as "The Dream Queen" was born in Guatemala where she graduated as a Physical Education Teacher (PE). In her late 20’s, she immigrated to the United States where she married Rudy and had five children.

Since she was young, Irma dreamed of  becoming a professional and have a loving family. After her third child, she earned her GED and continued her education earning a double Associate’s Degree; one in Arts with emphasis in Social & Behavioral Studies, and another in Science in Human Services.

In her last semester at CSUSB San Bernardino,  Yuli was involved in a life-threatening car accident and was left feeling that graduation was impossible.  With the encouragement of her family, fought a good fight and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  

Yuli is a best selling author and life coach who shares her story of resilence with women around the world. She is full of life.  She loves God, her family, and people. Yuli resides in Southern California with her family.  Read More

Face Your Fears and Dream Again