"The Lord announces the word,

and the women who proclaim it are a mighty  throng."  Psalms 68:11

Our Mistress of Ceremony

Lawanda Martinez

​Lawanda Martinez loves Jesus and lives her life with purpose. She is persistent in learning and growing. Lawanda is dedicated to take what she has learned and deposited it into her family and then into the lives of woman and children in her community. She desire to find their gifts, pull them out, build them up and then launch them out for greatness. Lawanda is a leader, a public speaker and a mentor.

Lawanda is a paralegal by profession. Lawanda serves on the Board for Life Builder Seminars for Woman and is a Team Lead for the Brea Chapter. Lawanda was a teen mom and is passionate about serving in outreach ministry. She serves as the Mentorship Trainer/Recruiter Coordinator with the Cherish Ministry for Pregnant Teens and Young Mothers in Fontana.  

Lawanda has a certificate in Christian Ministry from the King’s Seminary. She is a published author with RJ & Friends of the book “Stand Still and Watch God Move: The Royal Warrior Princess”. Lawanda has 4 grown kids and 2 grandchildren whom she loves with all her heart.