Kendell Lenice is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host & Certified Financial Coach. She is affectionately called, Lady Motivator, which is truly her gift. She has been a life coach for more than a decade. It is her excitement for helping people which naturally led her to pursue her passion.

As a transformational speaker and a transformational life coach; Kendell coaches people to reinvent themselves through self-discovery, self-awareness and self-love.

“Everyone has a defining moment in their lives, where change begins to happen. As a transformational life coach and speaker, I am a catalyst for change, development and growth. It’s my duty to pour the 3-Ps…positivity, possibility and passion back into the lives of women, men and children.”

Her self-empowerment book, The Best Gift Ever: A Guide to Loving You ~ "Learning How to Live Your Best Life." is available on Amazon.
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Kendell Lenice, Lady Motivator

Transformational Speaker