Dr. Tselane L. Gardner is a psychotherapist in the beautiful city of Pasadena, California; where she specializes in mental illness for adults 55 and older.  Dr. T, discovered her calling as a mental health professional while she was on her own mental health healing journey 20 years ago.  Dr. T, experienced many forms of abuse and yearned to walk alongside others, as her therapist so loving and patiently demonstrated to her, to lead them to wholeness.  Dr. T, is also a workshop presenter and didactic trainer for an approved American Psychological Association doctoral internship site, where she leads educational topics regarding “Working with Older Adult African-American Clients” and “Hoarding in Older Adults.”  Dr. T, is also a licensed Evangelist with her church, where she serves in various ministry roles.  Lastly, Dr. T enjoys swimming, reading at Starbucks and spending quality time with loved ones.  Read More

Dr. Tselane Gardner


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